Tales from the global textile industry

Tales from the global textile industry

This exhibition which is running until Nov 2018 at Bradford Industrial Museum "explores the politics and morality of the textile industry through time, and how this industry affects and connects people across continents." Looks like it will be a really interesting thought provoking exhibition.

Drawing Drop-in Skipton Town Hall

It's always great when something is free, so you might want to take advantage of these free sessions at the Town Hall!

January Meeting

It was lovely to see everyone again after the Christmas break and catch up. As usual for our January meeting we had a stitch day and one of our fabulous Jacobs Join lunches, which are always delicious. A small sample:

Here we all are having a chat and a stitch:

Previously one of very talented members, Margaret, did an embroidery a week. She has now excelled herself and done one a day and presented it in a fabulous sketch book which is a joy to look at. Here is a little taster; thanks to Margaret for allowing us to feature it.

We want to encourage as many people as possible to take part in competitions and regional and national projects. Details can be found on the tab: Competitions and Exhibitions. Plans are underway for our next big community project which will involve another map! We are hoping to organise some community drop in sessions to help with the embroidery and we will be working with one of the local Brownie groups later. We continue to work with Milton House, Gargrave. We may well launch another travelling book project too! So plenty to keep us busy over the coming months.


Grassington branch now have a blog - great to see them online. We have members who attend Grassington meetings too, but it's great to see what they have been up to for those of us who don't! You can have a peek here or access their blog in our favourites list.

Still here!

Happy New Year!
It's been a while since I last posted on here! SEG is still here and our next meeting will be 15th January, usual spot, after our Christmas break. Looking forward to a new year embroidering. Some of us continued the travelling books and so the final handover will be in January. We have various ideas lined up for 2018; there's plenty of projects from the Guild's 100 Hearts to some community projects of our own, along with a packed programme. Watch this space and check the newsletter!
Jacob's Join at the January meeting - always a lovely lunch.

Barking Mad!

The title of of Carol Coleman's talk to us at our November meeting. Carol is a former Chair of Skipton Branch, so it was great to welcome her back to speak to us and have a catch up with familiar faces.
Carol took us through her journey from inspiration to stitch with a wonderful slideshow. She uses her digital camera, computer and digital projector to help create her work. Photos are manipulated on the computer and then machine embroidered, ofter utilising dissolvable materials such as Lutradur. She is inspired by natural forms - rocks, fossils and tree bark (hence Barking Mad) particularly and turns her photos into stunning pieces.
We were encouraged to find a starting point - colour, image or material for example and then just 'go with the flow' matching techniques and other materials as appropriate; not being constrained by a specific plan and embracing spontaneity. Carol is also a collector of eclectic bits and pieces - broken jewellery, ring pulls etc which she incorporates into her work.
Lots for us to think about and take inspiration in our own work.

A Bit Of Christmas Stitching

Another All Age Workshop and some lovely stitching. It was great to see some new faces and have a chat. SO here's a little look at what we got up to with some Christmas cards and decorations.

All Age Workshop Nov 11th

It's All Age Workshop time again. We have Christmas decorations and stitched cards on the menu for people to have a go at. Everyone is welcome regardless of age or ability.

Hanny Newton, goldwork and the Scythians!

The British Museum has had an exhibition on the Scythians, warriors of ancient Serbia. You might have spotted a 'like' on our Facebook page regarding Hanny Newton who was leading an interactive public art piece; visitors were invited to adorn a life size horse with gold work creations inspired by the exhibition. 

Hanny is a graduate of the RSN and Falmouth University; she champions hand stitch in contemporary art, making traditional skills like goldwork and whitework fresh and interesting. Check out her website from the link above or her Facebook page. Here's a little taster of her fabulous work.


Yarndale 2017

Yarndale time again!
We had a lovely time chatting to people from all over the world during the weekend. We were very busy with our butterfly workshop which was a continuation of the National day of Stitch theme. There was some fabulous work on display on the other stalls - lots of inspiration and ideas for people to invite to run workshops for us.

Here's a flavour of our day - mostly before we got our visitors as we were really busy!!

Tales from the global textile industry

Tales from the global textile industry This exhibition which is running until Nov 2018 at Bradford Industrial Museum " explores th...