Monday, 15 April 2013

Tiffany Glass at the Haworth Art Gallery

Meeting: 15th April

Yvonne Robins, Gallery Coordinator at Haworth Art Gallery at Accrington, came to talk to us today about the history of the art gallery and its fascinating collection of Tiffany Glass.  We heard how Joseph Briggs, a one-time engraver for a local cotton printer took a chance and emigrated to America.  In a series of lucky breaks (and probably a lot of charm) he found himself working for Louis Comfort Tiffany, eventually rising to MD of the glass making company.  When the company closed in 1933, Briggs took his collection of glass back to Accrington where it finally found a home in the people's art gallery.  It is the largest collection of Tiffany glass in Europe.

Yvonne not only told us about the patterns and styles of the glass objects but also about the very difficult materials and techniques that were used to achieve such iridescent beauty as the Peacock vase in the picture.  Tiffany's managed to elevate every-day objects such as vases in to works of art, some of which are now worth over a million pounds!

Just listening in to conversations that sprung up after Yvonne's talk I soon realised that many members were keen to visit the gallery and perhaps use the collection as inspiration for new pieces of embroidery.  If we're lucky we may even have enough for an exhibition.... here's hoping.

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