Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Hidden Treasures

Saturday 1st June

Hidden away in a quiet corner of Bradford you will find a converted chapel that is the home of Texere Yarns.  The lofty aisles contain yarns of every possible fibre and hue and it is probably the most diverse collection of yarns for weaving, knitting, embroidery and crafts in the UK.  So where better to go for our Summer outing?

We started with a brief introduction to Texere by owner Robin Smith and shared anecdotes about the rich textile history of Bradford.  Left to our own devices, we spent a happy couple of hours, exploring the shelves, comparing purchases and browsing through their extensive collection of books for sale.  I know that I always make lots of impulse purchases so I stuck to a colour palette of blues and greens for my daughter's GCSE art project but I did buy some very tiny knitting needles to experiment with more wire jewellery!

All this shopping made us quite hungry so we made our way into the centre of the city to Forster's Bistro a new venture from the Community College to provide training and work experience for their students.  The light and airy setting made for a relaxing lunch.  The food was great although the service a little slow.

Although we shouldn't worship false gods, this is a fantastic place to visit for all craft people!

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