Thursday, 21 January 2021

Stitching round up!

Well, here we are in lockdown again; I hope everyone is keeping well in these difficult times and now there's a vaccine there's light at the end of the tunnel, it just seems to be a very long tunnel. So, we have been busy stitching. There are more photos on our Instagram page but here's a little sample of what we've been up to.

A few of us have been doing Anne Brooke's #52tagshannemade - it's been great and I'm really enjoying it; here's a few photos of the first three challenges. Anne has great videos for each tag on You Tube and for her other projects, here's the link: Anne Brooke

It's not the only thing we've been doing, the 4 inch square challenge we have been doing as a branch is still ongoing with various people catching up with each months colour at different times! I'm being super organised and have planned all the colours and started on several that need hand stitching - I'm way more organised than normal and I'm not quite sure why. We've done white, rust, red and blue so far. Even if you're not a member and would like to follow along the details of the challenges are on the Branch Challenge tab - anything goes really, it's great for trying out new techniques, using up scraps and it could run alongside Anne's project!

There's also a nice sideline in birds going on too!

Anne Kelly Book Review

Selvedge has a review of Anne Kelly's book, it looks fabulous - I'm very tempted!
Here's the link for the review: Selvedge review
Here's the link for Anne's Blog: Anne Kelly

Sunday, 3 January 2021

2021 Anne Brooke project

You may have been following Anne and her 2020 stitch projects, well here's the new one for 2021.
A tag a week for the year; you can follow on Instagram - #52tagshannemade or on her FaceBook page and of course she has videos on her You Tube channel. Looks like another lovely follow along.

Monday, 14 December 2020

Pippa Foulds RSN Talk

Today we were really pleased to be able to have a talk by Pippa Foulds (RSN) via Google Meet. 17 of us made it despite a Google outage which seemed to affect some of us – shouting at laptops ensued when emails and the internet disappeared, but we eventually made it!

Pippa’s love of needlework started at a young age and continued through her school years and career as a solicitor. At the Knit and Stitch she visited the Royal School of Needlework stand and from that took Tracy Franklin’s course in Durham.

Her journey through to the RSN Diploma encompassed crewel work, silk shading, canvas work, goldwork, blackwork, whitework, stumpwork – you name it Pippa’s done it! Part of her qualification as a future tutor involved conservation too.

Pippa has a particular interest in historical 16th/17thC embroidery but since completing her Diploma is branching out into more contemporary work requiring a little less precision.

You may have seen the White Walker embroidery Game of Thrones – many RSN embroiderers worked on the piece and Pippa contributed one of the shields

Pippa has gone on to create a corsage for the queen and became head broiderer at York minster.

She is now working on a degree at Bradford in contemporary textiles.

We had an enjoyable afternoon listening to Pippa tell us about her embroidery journey and it was lovely to be able to have something that resembled a normal meeting even with fickle technology.

A few screen shots (apologies for the quality) of Pippa's talk.

Pippa's pieces from her RSN qualification

Conservation before and after

GoT White Walker

Fit for the Queen

York Minster

Some contemporary work

Monday, 16 November 2020


We now have an Instagram page - I'm getting there slowly with photos as I had to  individually upload photos from the FaceBook page and it drove me up the wall! Hopefully I'll be organised enough to do the Blog, Instagram and FaceBook all in one go next time. Please follow us - you can spot us quickly by our profile pic.

November Virtual Meeting

 We had another virtual meeting today and twelve of us made it with a few technical hitches! It was lovely to see people for a catch up and share what we have been doing. We have made quite a few plans for the future and are hoping to have some virtual talks/workshops from speakers, we know this has worked well for Grassington branch. We also decided to postpone the planned exhibition again as the Covid situation is still proving to be a worry. We have decided to continue with the monthly colour theme but have asked members to produce a 4"x4" square in the chosen colour.

Here's a couple of examples from Dee, Claire K, Sue I and Sally. I'm gathering up some more photos so watch this space!

Colours for 2021 if you want to get ahead

December 2020
























Sunday, 27 September 2020

Yarndale 2020 - sort of.

Bit of a different Yarndale this year! The weekend has gone online and you can see what's available on the Yarndale website. We haven't been very busy as a group recently for obvious reasons but members have been stitching away and you can see our Chair, Claire's little video for the Yarndale website here. We're keeping our fingers crossed and hoping we can return to meeting again in January 2021 although what that will look like is uncertain! 

Thursday, 17 September 2020

Monochrome Book

 It's been a while since I posted, it was our little get together in the church grounds; we had planned another get together as it was so nice seeing people and having a chat, but given the new "Rule of 6" we've had to abandon that! Anyway, Jackie, one of our very talented members had been busy and so here's some photos of her beautiful work.

Monday, 17 August 2020

August Meeting

 Today we had our outside socially distanced meeting and the weather was kind to us. It was lovely to see everyone and have a chat and catch up with what what people had been stitching amongst other things! Our meeting was particularly beneficial for those who have been more isolated in recent months and as a consequence we are hoping to have another similar get together in September. Chatting to those who have contact with other branches about their experiences with Zoom meetings we might give this a go too - we had tossed the idea round before and have had committee meetings this way, so it would be another way of including more people. Members have been busy and I didn't get round everyone for photos of their work but here's a small sample!