Monday, 2 July 2018

Well done Claire!

Success for one of our talented members: Claire K our Chair has been winning! The photo shows ‘The Strawberry Thief’ which won first prize in the Aurafil competition - Inspired by William Morris, together with the Jo Quinn award for creativity. Well done to Claire!

Monday, 18 June 2018

100 Hearts and Congratulations!

It's been a busy day... Congratulations go to one of our members, Elizabeth, who has been a Guild member for 25 years! That's a lot of stitching.

Here's the branch entries for the 100 Hearts Project. Just chatting to those who have made them, there are some really interesting back stories; it should be a fascinating exhibition.

Alice Fox 'Findings'

Today we had the lovely Alice Fox come and speak to us about her work. Alice is a collector and always has been; she started with all things natural and has expanded to plastics and all sorts of oddments she finds, which are incorporated into her pieces. As artist in residence at the nature reserve at Spurn Point she created two huge pieces and numerous smaller prints and concertina books based on the area. She was particularly interested in the ripples in sand, the reflections on the water and the constantly changing weather, light and water. Rusting nails in the groins on the beaches lead to her wrapping fabric round them and other rusty objects and leaving them open to the elements; she later returned to uncover fabulously 'tie-dyed' pieces. Collected rubbish formed the basis for printing plates.

She has a book 'Textures of Spurn' to accompany the exhibition which was originally housed in the Spurn Point lighthouse.

Other projects - The Sketchbook project, Gifts from the Pavement, for the Saltaire Arts trail and The Tide Marks Project, have seen further experimentation with natural dyeing and rusting.

'Findings' is a body of work that has developed from her collection of found objects, that have some meaning to her, though not necessarily to the viewer; they are a personal record of time and place for Alice. She has stitched into shells, acorns and leaves; wrapped pebbles and then coated them in clays. Alice now has an allotment and is slowly working her way through the plot and the shed for inspiration - can't wait to see what appears next!

Monday, 21 May 2018

May trip to Blackwell House

What a fabulous day out we had at Blackwell House overlooking Lake Windermere. The weather was lovely and the house stunning. Blackwell is an Arts and Crafts Grade 1 listed building, designed by Mackay Hugh Baillie Scott. Lots of original features, with furniture and objects by leading Arts and Crafts designers to see. We had a very interesting and informative talk and then plenty of time to wander at our leisure and explore, with lunch at the cafe, sitting on the terrace taking in the view. Lots of photos below to give a flavour of the house; I particularly enjoyed all the different door handles and window fastenings! Even the drain pipes were beautiful.

In the Great Hall, with the peacock wallpaper. There is a recurring theme of Rowan trees and berries which was incorporated into the Holt family coat of arms. 


The room is full of beautiful carvings.

The dining room. The wallpaper has been restored and features the rowan tree theme with bluebirds - the blobby things! It's made of hessian and although it appears brown, originally the background was indigo; this was discovered during restoration when the colours from the turn of the last century were uncovered where the pieces of hessian overlapped.

There was a group ooh and ahh when we moved into this room - it was such a contrast to the previous two with their panelling and oak. It's a beautiful room, all white with plaster ceilings and lots of detail.

Lovely stained glass windows.

 Not forgetting some embroidery!

Some more interesting bits and bobs.

In the dressing up area!

 And here's some of the window fastenings and door knobs - lots of different styles.

And finally.... the view.