Monday, 8 July 2013

Model Students

Saturday 6th July 2013

This weekend we welcomed back Kathryn Thompson for another fantastic workshop.  We are making a "Sewing Sprite" - an art doll by any other name.  Kathryn dispenses pearls of wisdom and hard earned experience in equal measure and you always learn something new!

There was a lot to pack into the day and we had been given homework to prepare beforehand.  Very soon small, shapely legs started to appear around the room, brought to life by copious amounts of polyester stuffing and clever use of surgical-issue haemostats.  Once Kathryn was satisfied that we had achieved the correct level of firmness (and no cellulite) we moved on to the body. This was more straightforward but given a quirky twist by the application of snippets of selvedge to add an interesting detail to the bodice.

After lunch we tackled the bit that had all been dreading- hands with FINGERS!  Kathryn was kind and gave us a choice of hands with varying degrees of difficulty but several brave souls tackled the full five-finger option.  The finger-turning tools took some getting use to but once we had mastered the technique little hands  were not as difficult as we imagined.

We have been sent away to continue stuffing and to make a head.  The workshop recommences on Saturday 27th of July.

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  1. It is nice to see what you are all doing and love the photos. Hope you are all enjoying the lovely hot weather we are experiencing in Worcestershire.