Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Painted Landscape

Tuesday 25th February

One of the charitable aims of the Embroiderers' Guild is education and this weeks workshop certainly met that goal.  

In the third of our sessions with artist Jackie Lunn, we started by mixing dyes to create a set of unique colours that not only complemented the felt map we had made previously, but also reflected the Landscape of the Yorkshire Dales.  Freda and Cath from Grassington branch got to work at the mixing desk whilst Sue started painting the rivers on to a large piece of calico that would form the background for our finished piece.  It was a learning process for all of us as we applied the dyes, tentatively at first, but then with growing confidence we started blending them on the fabric to achieve a textured finish.

Although we have an outline plan and have made something similar with the Broughton Road Women's Group, the textile is being developed as we go.  At every step there is careful thought and discussion amongst the group: should we use this colour? would this be better stitched or painted? how will we finish the edge?  Everyone's ideas are included and considered and the finished textile will be richer for it.

In the afternoon we started stitching into the felt map.  Using a simple stab stitch in cotton thread, we traced the outline of Le Grand Depart route to add emphasis.  Further swatches of felt were made for future use as backgrounds for the 10cm squares that will border the map.

The plan is to continue working on the piece during our scheduled branch meetings on Monday 17th March and Monday 28th April.  All contributions for the border and key features should be returned to Jill Maloney by Saturday 12th April.   There will be a final session at Christ Church with Jackie Lunn on Tuesday 13th May to finish the piece.

We had some visitors too: members of the Christ Church family dropped in to see what we were doing and one member  her very well behaved grandson with her.

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