Monday, 19 May 2014

Little Luxuries

Monday 19th May
When I first read the title of this months talk My Second Home, I have to confess that I wasn't really sure what to expect.  Perhaps someone talking about a holiday home, maybe an exotic location?  But Pat Hainsworth surprised us all with a delightful talk about her passion for her dolls house.

The second home of the title, was indeed a 1:12 scale, Queen Ann period house with a double extension.  Pat is a self-confessed dolls house addict and has been planning and furnishing her house for over 20 years.   The main house was built for her with all the trials and tribulations of full scale building.  Like most of us, the fun part is furnishing and Pat is no different.  The hobby allows her to indulge in her other passion which is needlework.  She has lovingly crafted tapestry rugs and carpets and made miniature quilts and cushions.  But a house must be kept clean and what better instrument than a feather duster made from budgerigar feathers! 

This is a serious hobby with a price tag to match.  The collection that Pat brought to show us came with the instruction "look, but don't touch"!  However it was good to hear that Pat's granddaughter is allowed to play with some of the pieces of this lovely collection and that will one day, it will be hers to keep.   Until then it gives Pat immense pleasure to look after her second home. 

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