Wednesday, 18 June 2014

This way to Grassington Festival

Wednesday 18th June

It's a busy week as we head up to Grassington to take part in the annual festival of art and music.  

Today we have run a joint workshop with print artist Helen Peyton and we were joined by some of the lovely ladies of Broughton Road Women's Group.  Helen showed us how to print calico and swatches of hand-made felt using a traditional printing press and bold wood-block prints.  These were embellished with cotton or wool threads using simple running stitch or chain stitch.  A selection of beads and sequins added the necessary bling and 'hey presto' a fantastic piece of art!

After lunch, Claire Ketteman gave an open talk on the making of the Story Cloths and the StArt project.  Both pieces of textile art will be on display at Grassington Town Hall until Saturday 28th June.

Thanks to Bryony Pritchard, Visual Arts Coordinator for Grassington Festival, and to Helen Peyton and the team at the Word Lab.

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