Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Showing, stitching and sharing

Monday 20th October

This month's meeting was, for many, a step into unchartered waters.  We were offered a choice of four mini-workshops with the aim of trying new techniques and learning new skills from other members.

Sue Sissling created stump work dolls faces with exquisite details.  Jill Maloney guided a group through the meticulous preparation 9of gold work.  Gail Marsh got us counting with her instructions for making Yorkshire buttons.  Claire Ketteman showed that there was more to the humble spud than mash or roast with a simple printing workshop.

Judging by the level of noise that came from our meeting room, the day was a great success.   Members challenged themselves to try something new and in the process they learned a little bit more about the many talents of our group.

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