Monday, 18 May 2015

Birthday celebrations

Monday 18th May 
Special birthdays should be anticipated and celebrated. This month we did both:  plans are already well underway for our 40th birthday next year and our XL exhibition.  Gail Marsh is leading a team to assemble a collection of work and creative material from 1976 and we are hoping that members will produce new work inspired by the Guild's Folio collections.  If you have any embroideries or books from that era then please have a word with Gail.

It was also our great pleasure to celebrate Elizabeth Johnston's birthday this month and what better way than with flowers and cake?  Elizabeth has worked tirelessly for the Guild at both branch and regional level and continues to inspire us all.  

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  1. So lovely to see Elizabeth. I have not managed to bump into her anywhere since I moved. She is such an inspiration and also a staunch worker for the Guild. Do pass on my love. Also let me know the date of your exhibition next year and I will try and fit in a visit to Margaret to coincide with it.