Saturday, 15 October 2016

Ribbon Embroidery Workshop

Saturday 15th October

We spent a lovely day with Nicola Hulme learning the art of ribbon embroidery, something that was new to most of us at the workshop. We started with cabbage roses woven on wheel spokes and progressed to buds and calix followed by further 'sweeps' of filling flowers and leaves all with beautiful silk ribbons. Highlights with embroidery threads were added to finish the pieces. Thanks to Nicola for making the workshop so enjoyable, it was fascinating and we were all delighted to see how our embroideries developed through the day. We even had birthday cake! 

Some of Nicola's work to inspire us.

Our work in progress


  1. Great workshop,thoroughly enjoyed it, just got to finish it off :-)
    Thanks for organising the day!

  2. It was a fantastic day which everyone enjoyed, even those of us who don't usually do traditional techniques!