Tuesday, 28 March 2017

A Bit of Inspiration

I have been gathering my thoughts for the Travelling Book project we have been running at the Branch, as no doubt will many others, and I have been trawling through my stash and mulling over ideas whilst walking the dog! Sometimes I find it really hard to focus on what I want to do and then when I see what others have done I can feel that my efforts aren't up to much - despite encouragement and reassurance from the lovely ladies in the group. I came across an article on Facebook the other day and thought I would share the link; the article is called 'Are you a textile technique addict?' and is from a site called textileartist.org which you can Google, follow on Facebook or click on the link in bold. There are LOTS of interesting articles and interviews to access and I spent a lovely morning browsing.
So, here is the link to the specific article http://www.textileartist.org/textile-technique-addict or use the link above to go to the site and explore.

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