Monday, 17 July 2017

Mini workshops AND Jackie Cardy!

What an amazingly busy day we've had! This morning we started with the mini workshops which were great fun. We also swapped the travelling books but were so busy we didn't have time to properly look at them all, so we are having the big reveal at the AGM in September. I will be posting photos as they come in from members who took part over the summer to keep things going so look out for that.

The afternoon was spent listening to an inspirational talk - The Accidental Filter from the wonderfully talented Jackie Cardy. Jackie took us on a journey from her first forays into embroidery with City and Guilds and her inspiration from Diana Springall to her present creations using felt as the base for her embroideries. She started using silk paper as a base and added velvets inspiredly 1950s patterns and those on Greek vases. Joining a felting group with friends led her to producing the wonderful pieces she brought to show us and that many of you will have seen at Woolfest and Yarndale. It was great to see her work up close, it's just gorgeous. What a lovely lady too! There are more photos on our Facebook page if you pop over there.

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