Monday, 19 June 2017

Priscilla Jones Part 2

Never has so much fun been had with a pair of pliers and a wax pot! Wax wasn't the only thing melting at our meeting and workshop today - the weather was so hot. Despite the heat we had a fabulous time at the the much anticipated workshop with Priscilla Jones making waxed fabric spoons.
We made wire spoon armatures and then, using her lovely collection of silks, applied small pieces to our spoons with wax. The results were all beautiful and all so different. Some chose to make birds and fish too. Highly recommended and very therapeutic. Our pieces pictured below still need some stitch adding and some embellishments but even unfinished we thought they were great.

First some of Priscilla's work to inspire us.

Our armatures and getting going!

A bit of stitch and paint on some pieces.

And some after the waxing.

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